The El Felix

The Chips

Super thin and crisp, we couldn’t stop eating these.

Take care, you might just make a meal out of the chips and salsa.

Both were very tasty. But, the salsa verde disappeared first.


Tico’s Cuban Cafe

Maduros, Croquetas, Masas de Puerco…

Empanada Stuffed With Picadillo

Crispy, flaky… delicious…. period.

Papa Rellena

Did we mention those maduros?

They are deep dark crispy caramel-y golden perfection.


Las Costas Nayaritas

Shrimp & Octopus Tostada

Both shrimp and octopus were quite tender and the avocado was perfectly ripe.

Deep Fried Snapper

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside…. this was lovely. Again.

Las Costas Nayaritas 1555 Pleasant Hill […]

Pho Dai Loi

Phở Đặc Biệt

Pho Dac Biet = Beefy Rich Heaven

Tender and delicious, that brisket was pure pleasure to eat. But, as usual, the magic is in that liquid of the Gods. It’s pure heaven. Heavenly soup perfection…

Fung Mei

Yes, that’s kimchi in the front with hot and sour soup in the back. That’s not something you get to say every day. So, I’m sayin’ it while I can. This place is equal parts weird, fun, and funky.

There’s more than a little bit […]

Antico Pizza Napoletana

San Gennaro

Salsiccia, Bufala, Cipolline, & Sweet Red Peppers

The ratio of dough to toppings were beautifully balanced, again.

Crisp, airy bubbles along the edges with a nice chew inside… So, we have great texture […]

Lotus — Bo Nuong Vi

Bò Nướng Vĩ

Bo Nuong Vi Sizzling Lemongrass Beef & Egg

Seconds before arriving to the table, this egg was cracked onto that sizzling hot platter. Give it a few seconds or so. Then, it’s cooked to perfection. We seriously love this dish.


The Real Fix Pizzeria

The Real Fix Pizzeria

The Fifth Avenue

Prosciutto Di Parma, Fresh Mozzarella, Pecorino, Fresh Oregano, Arugula, & Truffle Oil

We were eager and very hungry.

Gorgeous color and flavor, the crust was […]

Florida & Fast Food

Sometimes, you just have to take a road trip.

Beer (Redhook) Battered Fish (Cod) Sandwich (530 Calories)

For fast food, it was really not bad […]

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Rose In An Edible Form = “Interesting”

The powerful combination of rose and lemon mingle together without fighting for center stage. And, the ginger adds a barely there bite of sharpness. This was probably one of the most (if not […]