Cinco — Suwanee

Chips & Salsa

The salsa was quite enjoyable.  The roasted bits contrasted nicely with the bright, fresh cilantro.  As a matter of fact, the cilantro was so fresh it was barely wilted.


Cinco’s version is very light, fruity, and easy to drink.  It’s simply fruit punch for adults.

Carnitas, Pork Shank

The pork shank was the highlight of the meal.  Crisp, golden brown edges shred easily to reveal the moist, tender interior.  The sinewy tendon was melting into the surrounding meat.  This pork shank would be the one and only reason for a return visit …if we’re ever in the area again.

With the lightest touch of the fork, the pork pulled easily off of the bone.

The accompanying cheese filled flour tortillas, drippy mac & cheese and super-sweet molasses dipping sauce were extremely odd pairings.  But, they weren’t awful.

Chipotle Shrimp

Now, this was awful.

The chipotle sauce had zero heat, the sauce itself was separating in an unappetizing fashion, and it was dreadfully bland.

Stuffed Poblano Pepper and Jalapeño Masa Cake

Completely drenched in that awful “chipotle” sauce, the stuffed poblano was gummy and rather tasteless.  The jalapeño masa cake was seriously lacking jalapeño.  And, it was oozing wetness.  It was just plain inedible.


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