Guava Candies & Peanut Marzipan


Wrap rich, buttery guava around creamy praline caramel and what do you get?  Pastelitos!!  Well, not exactly.  It’s kinda-sorta like a thicker, chewier version of guava pastry filling.  Yes, it’s a mediocre substitute for one of the tastiest things on the planet.  But, sometimes it works in a pinch to curb our cravings for those divine pastries.

Dulce De Cacahuate Estilo Mazapan

Sweet, peanut-y, and powdery (in a powdered sugar way), this is a tasty peanut candy.  It’s super sweet.  But, for 25 cents you can’t go wrong.  It’s more than worth a try.  We’d happily nibble it again, too.

Castipan Rollitos & Bocadillo de Guayaba

Two versions of the same candy, one is a rolled candy.  The other offers slices of guava and caramel.  Both are equally tasty, if you like sweet, chewy guava paste.  And, we definitely do.  But, this is another super sweet treat.  We share one.  That’s one or two bites for each of us.  If you can eat more than that, you really do have a sweet tooth.

Super Mercado Jalisco 7
3355 Steve Reynolds Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096
678 957 1374

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