The Greater Good BBQ

BBQ Ribs, Collards, & Texas Toast

Tender & Smoky

BBQ’d Half Chicken, Mac & Cheese , And Texas Toast

Moist, tender, smoky and richly spiced, this chicken has been shockingly good five times in a row.  Yes, five visits have yielded 5 near-perfect orders of chicken.  The ribs have been moist, tender, smoky and delicious on every visit, too!  Sadly, we have noticed some inconsistencies in the sides.  On one visit they might be delicious.  On the next, they might be a bit bland.  In our experience, the mac & cheese seems to show the most variation.  But, on every visit, we’ve had seriously good bbq.

Fat Tire

Tea With Lemon

And a brownie with a cookie crust?  Lets just say that it didn’t suck.  On our last visit, we noticed they’ve added lemon bars to their baked goods lineup.

The Greater Good BBQ
4431 Hugh Howell Road
Tucker, GA 30084
770 908 8164

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