The Local 7

Pork “Wings”
With Carolina Sauce & Onion Rings

The Onion Rings

Served piping hot and super crisp, we loved these.  Golden brown, crispy flavorful batter on the outside with tender onion on the inside, these are everything you want an onion ring to be.  We wanted to finish every last one of them.  But, we just couldn’t do it.  Between the two of us, we barely finished half of this very generous serving.

We couldn’t finish two.  Four?  You’d have to be REALLY hungry.

Fried Artichoke Hearts

One of our all time favorite nibbles, we’re still loving these.

Georgia Sweet Tea

Iced Tea, Whiskey, Agave, Lemon Juice & Plenty of Lemon Slices

The Little John Burger

Look, something green found its way onto his plate.  Mhmm, nice try.

Fall off the bone tender, but, we’d go for less sauce next time.

The Local 7
2316 Main Street
Tucker, GA  30084
770 674 1782

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