Dickey's BBQ

The Setting:  A free standing pale brick building that is significantly more attractive than your standard fast food restaurant. 

The Staff:  Friendly and efficient

The Food:  The BBQ is suprisingly good for a fast food style restaurant.  Slightly smoky and tender, we found the ribs, brisket and chicken to be the most reliable.  The chopped pork was a bit dry.  The ribs, brisket and chicken were consistently good on three visits.  The barbecue sauce is a simple tomato-based sauce with a bit of vinegar tang.  It won’t be topping any of my “favorites” lists.

The sides remind you that this is a chain.  The word predictable springs to mind.  But, the baked potato casserole (mashed potatoes dotted with bits of bacon dished up ice cream scoop fashion and topped with orange cheddar) had a pleasant comfort food feel to them.  (Ok, high school cafeteria comfort food…but still)

There is a definite similarity to Shane’s.  And, I’d definitely give the nod to Shane’s in a contest.  But, if you’re hungry in the burbs, Dickey’s beats the  hell out of the other fast food restaurants in the area.

Free self-serve vanilla ice cream on waffle cones adds a bit of charm and fun for the kids.  Especially now, full summer heat is dominating our days. 

The location (15 minutes outside of 285 on 78) is a bit limiting, useful to those in the 78/Scenic Highway area only.  But, this new chain plans to open a number of restaurants in the burbs surrounding Atlanta.

Star of the Day:  Self-serve vanilla ice cream on a waffle cone, I guess I’m just a kid at heart.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
2624 Cindy Lane
Snellville, GA 30078
770 982 1977

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  • Jack

    Good review, but I’d choose Dickey’s over Shane’s. Shane’s just hasn’t been that good the last few times I went. Dickey’s ribs and brisket are excellent and the service is always great. And you’re right, the free ice cream is another big selling point!

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