Cold Comfort @ Morelli's

Rum Raisin + Sweet Potato Pie + Sugar Cone = JOY

The absolute definition of comfort food in a cone.  What a great way to turn all of the best deadly rich fall flavors into a deadly rich ice cream treat!  This decadent combination is my current favorite blend of Morelli’s Ice Cream flavors.  But, that won’t stop me from searching and sampling to find a new favorite.

Flavors Sampled (so far):

Rum Raisin — Sweet cream and rum-soaked sultanas! YUM!  (And, I’m not even a rum raisin fan)

Sweet Potato Pie — Sweet potato pie spices blended perfectly into the cream base.  I thought this might be overpowering, but, it’s not.  And, it compliments the sugar cone perfectly.  (Sweet, but, not too sweet)

Peanut Butter Rumble — This blend of peanut butter ice cream, bits of chocolate and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups might just be the best peanut butter ice cream I’ve ever been lucky enough to taste!

Chocolate Hazelnut — All of the roasted hazelnut goodness of nutella, but, with none of the overpowering sweetness.  The delicate sweetness lets roasted hazelnuts takes center stage.  Even the chocolate is used judiciously to highlight the hazelnuts.

Dulce de Leche Chunk —  No chunks that I’ve seen, but, big swirls of cajeta and a hint of saltiness

Avocado — Cream and avocado work well together.  This lightly sweetened flavor is the essence of avocado.  The first taste is all about the avocado, but, then it mellows and grows more subtle with each bite.

Lavender Ginger — Instantly, the sweet ginger wakes up your taste buds.  And, for me, it seems to dominate the lavender.  But, I do like the taste of fresh ginger.  The fresh taste reminds me of what you would get if chunks of fresh ginger were stewed in a sugar syrup.  (Maybe, that’s what they do.)

Morelli’s Ice Cream
749 Moreland Avenue, SE — Suite B-102
Atlanta, GA 30316
404 622 0210

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