Buford Highway — Food Finds

Cashews in their Shell

Cashew Fruit or Cashew Apple


Over the weekend we were able to turn 8 cashew apples into two very large jars of jam.  Cashew fruit has a yummy sweet-tart flavor reminiscent of fresh ripe mango, green mango and under-ripe apricots all rolled into one yummy fruit.  I can’t wait to schmear this on a freshly baked biscuit!

And, the chulpe… wow!  The concentrated sweet corn flavor is incredible.  These super-crispy kernels have the sweet toasty corn flavor of the freshest corn tortillas jammed into each small kernels.  When toasted, these kernels simply swell and split.  They don’t turn inside-out like ordinary popcorn.  We’re already addicted to these!  This bag won’t last long in our house.

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