Golden Krust

The Setting:  This small fast food chain has a handful of locations in Georgia.  Very casual in style, these Jamaican meat patty shops are geared toward speedy service.

The Staff:  The staff is friendly, but, if there’s a line… you better be ready to order.

The Food:  Offering a number of varieties, the meat patties are half of the menu.  There are a handful of other offerings.  Braised oxtails, jerk chicken, and curried goat are also worth trying.  But, the assortment of patties make it difficult to sample anything else…  Unless you’re lucky enough to be located near one of the few shops.  The assortment of meat patties include spicy beef, mild beef, chee-zee beef, curry chicken, jerk chicken, soy and vegetable.  We’ve sampled the beef, spicy beef, curry chicken and jerk chicken.  They’re all quite good.  But, the mild beef is a bit bland for our taste.  They also offer a variety of breads (including coco bread) and cake slices. 

Cons:  If you arrive near closing time, they’re likely to be out of several types of patties.

Stars of the Day:  Jerk chicken patties and spicy beef patties

For locations, check out their

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