The Good, The Bad, And, The Ugly @ Star Provisions

The Good:  Two incredible po’boy sandwiches with shrimp…  Each sandwich was jam-packed with freshly fried shrimp, juicy-sweet & thinly sliced tomatoes, and brushed with a mildly spicy remoulade.

Is this donut wet?

Umm… no that’s oil.  It’s saturated with oil! UGH

and the cutting board is coated in oil now…

The Bad:  After nearly a dozen of near-perfect donuts( sampling one or two a week over several weeks),  our last visit brought two donuts (one chocolate glazed and one maple-bacon glazed) that were saturated with oil.  So, saturated that by squeezing our fingers together, the oil would ooze out.  They were inedible.  And, in fact, they were so full of oil that they left a ring of oil on our cutting board following our “photo shoot” (term used very loosely).  One bite was so horrifyingly disgusting (I got a mouthful of oil and fried dough that was so saturated that after the first bite… I actually thought the donut was wet… I’m still queasy) that I won’t be eating another donut till… um…i dunno… maybe never.  My waistline will thank you, but, I may just be ruined for all other donuts… FOREVER)

The Ugly:  The male cashier at the sandwich checkout register…  We’ve received inconsistent service here before.  The service can range from incredibly friendly, to indifferent, to condescending, to this weekend’s first experience of downright bad service.  There are plenty of places I accept bad service (Dekalb Farmer’s Market, Starbuck’s, crowded diners, NY Delis, or any other place that bad service is the rule).  I do not expect Star Provisions to fall into this category EVER.  Given the clientele and the premium they set for their product.  In return, I expect pleasant to civilized indifference in my service.  Rudeness is not acceptable… EVER!  Guy behind the register at sandwich/misc counter, YOU ARE RUDE!!

Star Provisions
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

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