Carnegie Deli Corned Beef @ Joey D’s

Joey D’s Carnegie Deli Giant Corned Beef Sandwich

On Carnegie Deli rye, the corned beef is sliced papery thin and piled high.  Served with Dusseldorf style german mustard, I don’t think it’s possible to make this sandwich any better.  They do offer a regular-sized version of this sandwich.  But, the giant size is perfect for sharing… and then some.

Joey D’s Oak Room
1015 Crown Pointe Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30338
770 512 7063

6 comments to Carnegie Deli Corned Beef @ Joey D’s

  • Tom Markovic

    I love corned beef!…This is right there with Katz, Stage and Carnegie in New York, except no crowds.

  • Carla

    As a native Pittsburgh-er, I am very familiar with GREAT corned beef. New York,of course, holds the title for the best corned beef but Pittsburgh runs a close race for great corned beef. For years I complained about not being able to find lean kosher corned beef with marble rye and authentic deli style mustard. About a year ago, I was introduced to Joey D’s in Dunwoody and I must say – I was blown away. Their Corned beef sandwich loaded with mounds of lean corned beef on Rye brought me back home. This place will always be my first choice when looking for a taste of home!

  • michele

    Hi Carla,

    We’re both fans of Joey D’s, too!

  • johng

    Well I have a different take on this place. I love the amvience of the resturant But the corn beef was not the best, good gut not the best to much fat and not thin enough taste like it was cut from a slab of deli meat.I am from detroit and we have several.There is a little gem on 8 Mile Road, the north side, just west of Gratiot called House of Reuben,I am a big fan of Lou’s Deli southfield,the Onion Roll Deli at 11 Mile and Woodward in Royal Oak.a delli(cant remember name)Telegraph and 11 mile,the Bread Basket on 8 mile,Star Deli at Twelve Mile,Mr. Fofo’s, on Second about a mile north of the Fisher Building.And the great Esquire Deli at dexter and davision…lets face it Im a corn beef connoisseur and this place didnt do it for me so if anybody is familiar with detroit cornbeef let me know were i can get it in the ATL!!!!!

  • johng

    Oh plus the price was to high all the paces in detroit the cost is around 7.00to 9.00

  • Bill

    Tried it based on recommendations. Too dry and not flavorful enough. Definitely New York Corned Beef in the amount only. Too high priced. Won’t be going back.

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