Chestnut Honey @ Alon’s Bakery

This chestnut honey from Alon’s Bakery is incredible.  It has a richness and intensity I’ve never seen before.  I think it’s the best chestnut honey I’ve ever been fortunate enough to taste.  With a price tag just over $15, it’s no bargain.  But, the quality is obvious from the terra cotta jar to the pure beeswax seal.  The true essence of honey could be defined by this Spanish artisan product.

We compared the taste against an outstanding bottle of tupelo honey we happened to have on hand (a winner in it’s own right).  The flavor of the tupelo left us with thoughts of buttery sweetness.  This chestnut honey, by comparison, was screaming HONEY at us.  This is my favorite food find of 2009. (We found this item just before Christmas.)  And, it really is worth the splurge.

Sadly, on our last visit to Alon’s we couldn’t find  a jar to purchase.  I hope they plan to restock it… soon.  (Dean and Deluca was charging over $20 a jar for this honey.  They’re currently out of stock.  La Tienda has it for $19.95.)

Website:  Alon’s Bakery

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