Mulberry Preserves

White Mulberry Preserves

We found Gobal Food & Nuts a few weeks ago.  And, we were happy to find a source for green almonds, high quality nuts, and preserves.  Finally, we’ve had a chance to open a jar of their white mulberry preserves.  And, it is unbelievably good… ok, it’s awesome.  At the time, one of our purchases was a nut blend with cashews, pistachios, dried chickpeas, four kinds of raisins, walnuts, a mix of dried fruits (including dried mulberries).  We instantly noticed that the dried mulberries reminded us of a sweet & tender dried fig.  In the preserve, that taste is magnified.  It tastes of caramel and sweet figgy mulberries.  In fact, the sugars are so deeply caramelized they taste of honey.  It’s ridiculously good.  If you like fig jam, you’ll love mulberry preserves!  Seriously.  And, I know it will be one of our pantry staples for many many years to come.  White mulberry preserves might just be our favorite for all time.

Love it!!

Global Food And Nuts
11235 Alpharetta Highway
Suite 111
Roswell, GA 30076
770 619 2966

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