The General Muir

The Cortado

A pleasant boost to start the meal.

Great, chunky ice for the drinks…

Boylan’s Birch Beer…

…And, Dr Brown’s Cel-Ray

Chopped Liver

More, please.

All of the bits and pieces were divine in their own right.  But, the sum of those parts deserve even higher praise.  Each piece added something special, even the salt crystals.

An Assortment of Pickles

We couldn’t keep our hands off of them.

Corned Beef Reuben

Rich and delicious, some slices of corned beef were thicker than others.  All of those corned beef slices were tender, but, the varying thickness of the slices added a nice chew to the sandwich.

The Matzoh Ball Soup

Finely chopped herbs grace the top and a fine dice of carrots, onions and celery greet you under the rich broth.  And, the matzoh ball was as light as air.  This was our sanctuary on a cold and rainy day.

Just A Peek

Or Two

…Or Three

Batdorf & Bronson — The General Muir Blend

We have to save something for next time.  But, we couldn’t leave without a few bagels.  They were practically calling our name.

We’ll have more to share on those later this week.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA 30329
678 927 9131

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