J Alexander’s

Happy New Year!

Manhattan, please.

Tender, flaky & buttery croissants start the meal.

Pecan-crusted Trout with Acorn Squash & Toasted Almonds

Looking for a light meal after the frenzy of holiday eating?  This isn’t it.  After starting the meal with buttery croissants, why not continue the theme.  Sauteed in butter, this pecan-crusted, butterflied trout is drizzled with a dijon butter sauce.  Light will never be a word used to describe this dish.  But, it is quite tasty.

French Dip and Mac & Cheese

Another healthy meal… in your dreams.  But, we’ll worry about that next week.  The prime rib was perfectly medium rare.  And, the mac & cheese at J Alexander’s was dangerously good (as usual).  Yum.  It’s too rich for words with toasty, crispy crumb bits topping their cheesy goodness.

J Alexander’s
4701 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30338
770 512 0153

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