Taqueria Los Hermanos

Burrito Acapulquenos

Loaded with flaky fish, nearly melt-in-your-mouth tender calamari, and grilled shrimp… this burrito with creamy poblano sauce is stuffed with fish (and, covered in even more fish) was a real winner.  Even though we’ve eaten this before, it was better than we remembered it to be.

Nibbling on tortilla chips with our meal, the bright flavors of cilantro-rich salsa helped to lighten up the rich and creamy poblano pepper sauce. (above)

Enchiladas de Mole

Rich in flavor, but, little heat… this was a lovely deep dark mole with a sweet, smoky background of chocolate.  Each enchilada is generously filled with sliced chicken.  The green beans might’ve been a tad over-cooked.  But, the fact that they were fresh green beans made up for that little error.

The specials list on that day

How long have we been eating at Taqueria Los Hermanos?  too many years to count

Have we ever had a bad meal?  No, but, we do miss their original guacamole.

Taqueria Los Hermanos location of choice?  Tucker

Taqueria Los Hermanos
4418 Hugh Howell Road
Tucker, GA 30084
678 937 0660

2 comments to Taqueria Los Hermanos

  • The other one at the table

    Well, I personally think the green beens were perfect. There was no error in how they were prepared. Some people who I will not directly name, like their green beans heated but not actually cooked.

  • michele

    I like my green beans to maintain a bit of their natural crispness… that doesn’t mean they aren’t cooked. Thank you very much! 😉

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