Have you ever had a Crunchie bar?

It would be an insult to call the flavor a bit like a “Whopper”.  It’s kinda sorta close… just imagine the Crunchie so much better in every way.  You know what happens when you bite into a Whopper?  The waxy chocolate is followed by rigidly hard malty filling that grates and scrapes at your teeth in the most unsettling fashion.  Forget that.  Seriously, try a Crunchie.  The cadbury chocolate of the Cruchie is smooth and creamy, the way the malty fluff shatters into a million delicate little crumbs in your mouth on the first bite, and the way it just dissolves away like a sweet dream on your tongue.  The Crunchie wins in every way.

Yes, it’s super sweet, but, it’s also oh-so-good.

Patel Brothers
1711 Church Street
Decatur, GA 30033
404 296 2696

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