Another Visit to The Counter

Once again, The Counter exceeds expectations with perfectly crisp and golden brown sweet potato fries (even more perfect than previous visits… if that’s possible) and burgers nearing perfection.  We’ve sampled quite a few burgers and they’ve proven to be impeccably prepared, cooked, and presented on every visit.

Here are a  few favorite combinations for our custom built burgers:

beef + cheddar + roasted chilies + roasted red peppers + fried egg

beef + cheddar + baby greens + onion marmalade

beef + sundried tomatoes + grilled onions + peppercorn steak sauce

beef + blue cheese + cranberries

beef + provolone + cranberries + peppercorn steak sauce

chicken + bacon + guac

chicken + black forest ham + gruyere

chicken + pepper jack + Southwest Caesar

We’ve sampled all of their buns (english muffin, regular bun and honey wheat) and they’re all great.  The english muffin is tasty, but, not sturdy enough to handle more than a couple toppings.  My current favorite is the honey wheat bun.

Milkshake of the month?  Eggnog

The Counter
850 Mansell Road
Roswell, GA 30076
678 461 9661

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