Bone's Burger

The Setting:  Entering through the doors, you are greeted by caricature covered walls.  You may wander into the well-equipped bar and enjoy the perfect cocktail before moving on to the dining room.  And, you might even find a tune to play on the bar’s jukebox.

The Staff:  Friendly, inviting and professional

The Burger:  We each sampled the burger.  Both burgers arrived well-seasoned, beautifully charred, and cooked to the proper temperature.  The bun is a large sesame seed bun that you’d consider standard fair for a burger.  But, given the old school feel of the surroundings, we loved the charm and nostalgia of a great big fluffy sesame seed bun.  And, there’s no doubting that these substantial burgers need a big bun.  The burger alone is a very generous meal.

Also, noteworthy, the pickles served as one of the burger dressings. Tender lettuce, red onions and tomato slices were topped by thickly cut pickle slices that were truly memorable.  We both noted, in unison, that the pickles were amazingly good.  With a sweet and spicy zing, the crunchy pickle slices were gobbled up before we could even consider dressing the burger with them.

The Sides:  (offered in full & half servings)

Fries — Perfectly crisp & thin

Onion Rings — Giant wedges of sweet Vidalia onions were generously battered and served crispy brown

Corn Pudding — Corn freshly cut from the cob and incorporated into a fluffy souffle-like pudding, this was a favorite.  Really outstanding!

Star of the Day:  The entire meal!

3130 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

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