Righteously Raw — Acai & Goji

Righteously Raw Superfood Truffles — Acai & Goji

We had high hopes.  The ingredients are organic.  There’s no refined sugar, no soy, no dairy and they’re gluten free.

We’re sure they’re healthier than a standard chocolate bar due to the berry and fruit paste fillings.  But, to call them truffles… that sets expectations too high.  They’re both closer to energy bars in terms of taste.  The chocolate is a bit waxy and grainy.  Fruit paste fillings have the sourness that you’d expect from acai and goji berries.  And, the goji bar filling has a particularly coarse texture with rather gritty seeds.  Interesting? …yes  Craveable? …not so much.

The coarse textured, gritty seeded… Goji Bar

Listed as three servings, each 2.3 oz bar has 330 calories.

Dekalb Farmers Market

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