DBA Barbeque

Georgia Mule

DBA’s Georgia Mule is composed of Junior Johnson moonshine, fresh ginger, lime and ginger beer.  This cocktail is a lovely breath of fresh air on a warm night.

Fried Pickles & Bacon

Predominantly breaded with cornmeal, these had a really great crunch to them.  Though, like all fried pickles, you need to eat them fast, fast, fast!  They quickly turn soggy.

Fried Pickles & Bacon with Ranch Dressing

Served with a little cup of ranch, we decided neither fried pickles or bacon needed its embellishment.

The Tara Burger

We both loved this burger (even though it was slightly overcooked).  Topped with queso cheese sauce, crispy fried hash browns and fresh jalapeno slices, this burger was just begging to be devoured.  The spicy bite of fresh jalapeno slices with their rush of bright green flavor added the perfect burst of freshness to this incredibly rich (and filling) burger.

BBQ Ribs & Chicken
(The chicken is hidden under that mountain of gigantic onion rings)

Tender, smoky, and full of flavor, both ribs and chicken were delicious… as always.  What was our first comment to each other after one bite of those ribs?  “Why don’t we eat here more often?”

Then, we got a taste of their new spicy BBQ sauce… We loved it!  It’s a perfect rush of smoky heat with a great zippy bite of vinegar.  DBA Barbecue has our attention, again.

DBA Barbecue
1190 North Highland Avenue NE
Suite B
Altanta, GA 30306
404 249 5000

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