Dobb’s BBQ

Dobb’s BBQ Chopped Beef, Ribs, & Chopped Pork

The ribs were a bit dry.

Chopped Beef

A small amount of Dobb’s barbecue sauce was chopped into the beef. Normally, we’d hate this. But, we didn’t. Though, we’d prefer […]

Phil’s BBQ

Phil’s BBQ Ribs & Brunswick Stew

Potato Salad & White Bread

(And, there’s a handful of sliced pickles hiding under there, too.)

Minimal spices and smoke, that’s some good old fashioned bbq. We were both […]

The Greater Good Barbecue — Again

The Greater Good Barbecue Ribs

On this early dinner visit, Greater Good’s barbecued ribs were gorgeously tender, seriously meaty, and delicious.

So, we’d say that’s back to normal for Greater Good.

That’s a lot of ribs for half a rack. We […]

The Greater Good Barbecue

The Greater Good Barbecue Chicken & Ribs

This visit was a bit unfortunate. We arrived a bit between meal services. And, the chicken and ribs seemed to suffer a bit from this fact. They were room temperature and a little bit more than a touch […]

The Crafty Hog

The Crafty Hog

Ribs are a must.

Tender, moist and smoky, these were quite good.

SweetWater Brewing Hash Brown India Style Brown Ale sits in front. The darker Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale hides in back. They met our […]

Best BBQ

Best BBQ’s Crispy Roast Duck

Roasted peanuts and pickled greens accompanied each plate.

Every tender bite was paired with a bit of crispy, golden brown skin.

BBQ Pork

Both were […]

Moonie’s Texas BBQ

Moonie’s BBQ Ribs

Delicious, again

So very tender and smoky, we enjoyed every bite.

We love it when the taste of a favorite food exceeds our memories. And, Moonie’s BBQ exceeded our expectations…again.

Tumbleweed’s Smokehouse BBQ

Tumbleweed’s Smokehouse BBQ

Ribs & Pulled Pork

So smoky…

…and tender

And, that goes for both ribs and pulled pork. We enjoyed both. But, in the end the ribs were our favorite.

There are […]

JD’s Bar-B-Que

JD’s BBQ Brisket & Ribs

This is one of those occasions when the image fails to capture the moist and tender nature of these generous slices of brisket. A little drizzle of sauce was added. But, the beef was quite tender and moist without any […]

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue

Another visit, another barbecue feast to remember…

and then some…

The Ribs

The Brisket

The Pork & Brunswick Stew

It’s all good… so very very good.