Be Better Than The Gap

A Valentine’s Day Bargain

I can’t think of a single solitary thing more depressing than eating chain restaurant food on Valentine’s Day.  Just don’t do it.  There are a thousand and one better things you could do.  But, no matter what you do, for God’s sake… BE BETTER THAN THE GAP!

So, have you seen the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love?  No?  There’s idea number one for you.  It’s this sweet, funny little love story that tracks three generations… three stories of love and everyday life.  Idea number 2?  Do something you’ve never done before.  Hike up a mountain and watch the sun rise.  Or, surprise that special someone by taking the day off.  And, spend the day together.  Or, go get ice cream for breakfast and spend the rest of the day in bed.  Whatever you do, do something fun.  Do something different.  Make memories.  Do something that has secret meaning for the one you love… something THEY want… something they will never forget… something they will look back on with joy… something to bring a smile to their face and touch their heart for all time.  Show them that you know what makes them happy.  The knowledge that you know what makes them feel loved… that’s something they’ll remember.

But, whatever you do…  Be better than the Gap!

It truly is the most important thing.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

2 comments to Be Better Than The Gap

  • Min

    I hate going out on Valentine’s Day. It is up there with Mother’s Day brunch and Cinqo de Mayo.

    We are doing V Day at home. The girls will make cookies and we will get some seafood.

  • michele

    That sounds like fun! And, an early Happy Valentine’s Day! to you…

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