Farm Burger

Are you feeling lucky?

That’s the question we ask each other before we head off to Farm Burger.  More often than not, the answer to that question is yes.  Yes, as a matter of fact, we are feeling lucky.  And, we were very lucky on this day.   The four plump chicken livers were tinted with a perfect blush of pink underneath their crispy batter.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Then, you might ask yourself… What are these trashy looking McNugget-like things?  If you ask Farm Burger they’ll tell you chicken pot pie fritters with apple date chutney and a sweet mayo.  But, as ex-Floridians who used to live within minutes of Calle Ocho, we’d call them chicken croquetas.  Our first bite was a pleasant surprise that brought us back to Miami.  These little morsels taste much better than they look.  Tender hunks of REAL chicken are blended with small pieces of carrot and a touch of something like gravy to keep it all moist.

The No 6

We’ve visited Farm Burger a number of times with mixed results.  We were on the fence for quite some time.  We had a couple of excellent Banh Mi burgers.  Then, we had a string of bad luck.  We were shooting 50-50.  For every good burger, the other person at the table was less fortunate.  On this visit, we can happily state that every plate was a winner.  And, each and every element of both burgers was skillfully prepared.  From the perfectly fried egg with its light dusting of salt and pepper to the golden brown bacon to the melty pepperjack cheese through to the glorious, juicy burger with crispy griddled yummy bits on the outside while still touched with pink on the inside.

Now, this is a burger we can sink our teeth into.

The No 5

A generous chunk of tender, silky pork belly is buried under that dollop of barbeque sauce. Pickled jalapenos and a giant beer battered onion ring complete the picture.  We were skeptical on first glance.  That’s a touch more barbecue sauce than we might normally apply ourselves.  But, it all worked out in the end.  Another rich, meaty burger… another happy ending… this time.  What about next time?  It’s a mystery.  But, I think we’re feeling lucky.

Farm Burger
410b West Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 378 5077

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