Bakery Cafe Maum

The Setting:  A charmingly decorated bakery situated at the end of a new Buford Highway strip mall.

The Staff: Friendly

The Food:  While the prices rival some of the higher end bakeries around town, the flavors are a bit simple…  bordering on bland and most offerings have a higher fat content than I enjoy.  Also, a number of the items listed on the website were not present on the Saturday morning of our visit. 

Sweet Potato Tart — The only flavors I could detect were the sweet potato itself and butter. 

Raisin Bun with Coffee Buttercream — I am unsure what was used in the making of the buttercream, but, very little sugar (if any) was used.

Chocolate Muffin — Chocolate chips decorate the top of the muffin, but, are absent in the muffin itself.  And, the chocolate flavor is far too mild.  For such a dark muffin, it’s surprising that there is so little chocolate flavor.

Almond Tart — A cake-like filling has only a hint of almond flavor, but, an incredibly high fat content.

Corn and Chestnut Pound Cake — Very unusual, the corn flavor is quite strong and a bit shocking in this cake with a texture similar to angel food cake.  The whipped egg whites give this cake a bit of a tough and squeaky texture.  I’ve never understood the use of whipped egg whites in a pound cake.  The delicate crumb that I expect in a pound cake is impossible to achieve when stiffly beaten egg whites are incorporated.

Iced Green Tea Latte  — A recent trip to New York City (where I’ve sampled some of the best green tea of my life) has me spoiled… I was hoping for more.

Additional Noteworthy Info:  Sandwiches are not available on the weekends.  We found this incredibly odd. 

Star of the Day:  Sadly, none…

Bakery Cafe Maum
7130 Buford Hwy
Doraville, GA 30340

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