New Odessa — Walnut Cookies (yum) & the unfortunate prune incident

Mystery Chocolates

Shopping for chocolates at New Odessa can be a bit of a mystery.  I love marshmallows.  And, the above photo depicts a marshmallow… yes?  Yes.  But, it also illustrates a plum or a grape or… maybe a fig?  A jelly-filled chocolate?  I was hoping for fig in some form.  Nope, it’s not fig.  It’s a whole prune stuffed with marshmallow.  What sort of twisted humor causes a culture to wrap yummy chocolate around such an odd little dried fruit?  I’m not a huge fan of the prune.  I can take them or leave them.  But, what an evil trick to play on an unsuspecting chocolate lover.  Mmm… chocolate.  Bring chocolate home.  Bite into chocolate.

“This fig has a strange texture.”

“Honey, what is that?”

“It’s a prune.”

“Ohhhh… bummer.”

Prunes… Seriously??  Very disappointing.  Oh well, we live… we learn.

Most of the wrappers are labeled in the language of their homeland.  With a couple dozen bins of chocolate, the search for winners (pistachio, vodka, cherry with brandy, advocat, more brandy… mMmm) can be fun.  But, be warned.  Random prunes are hidden behind some of those purple wrappers.

Walnut Cookies

The real find of the day…

Walnut shaped cookies filled with nut paste.  Again, YUM!  (I believe peanuts are one of the nuts in the paste… if you’re allergic… be warned and inquire about this if you need to)  One small case with baked goods has a very limited selection.  But, the walnut cookies made this visit worthwhile.  They certainly made up for the unfortunate prune incident of 2010.

Another find? Eucalyptus Honey

New Odessa
2793 Clairmont Road NE
Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30329
404 321 3544

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