And now for something completely different… Shorty's

The Setting:  This barn-shaped restaurant is set on a rather odd stretch of Lawrenceville Highway.  But, it’s worth the trip.  There’s a bit of outdoor seating under a gorgeous purple-flowered tree, table seating indoors, and a stage for music on the weekends. 

The Staff:  Very friendly

The Food:  An eclectic mix of well-made dishes, they’ve included something for everyone on this menu.  Chickpea Hummus with homemade “pitzza”, guacamole, and killer salads start you off.  Then, move on to wood-fired mussels, or pecan crusted trout, or a “kobe beef” burger (next up for discussion).

Right now, I have to talk about the pizza.  It’s surprisingly good!  When you see a wood-fired oven, your have high hopes.  And, the crust of this pie is better than most in our fair city.  But, with a laundry list of topping choices billed as regular, rock star, or super star and signature pies with names like BB King, Rhavi Shankar, Tina Turner, and Biggie Smalls it’s obvious that creativity plays a huge factor with this pizza.

Some toppings are expected.  Others are not.  For example, the BB King is topped with bbq pork tenderloin, cilantro and goat cheese.  But, wait… they’re not done.  They also add a generous helping of “czr” salad.  And, somehow… miraculously… it works!

This pizza isn’t about creating an authentic Neapolitan pie.  It’s about using the NY-style pizza as inspiration to do their own thing.  They start with a solid foundation and add their own wonderful creativity.

I plan to spend the next few months working my way through their signature pies.  I know I’ll be eating well… very well!

Shorty’s Pizza
3704 Lawrenceville Highway
Tucker, Georgia 30084

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