Caesar! Caesar! — A Quick Lunch

The Setting:  Tables, booths, bar seating and even a small patio area, this Mellow Mushroom has a decent amount of seating.  On the afternoon of our visit, it was a bit dark and surprisingly quiet.

The Staff:  Quick and Friendly

The Food:  We were in a bit of a rush and we picked the first thing that caught our eye… Caesar! Caesar!

Wow!  This is one incredibly hearty pizza.  Caesar! Caesar! is a chicken pesto pizza with a bit of feta.  Then, after baking a hefty dose of caesar salad is heaped on top.  All of the elements were well-executed.  The pesto was applied sparingly to top the pizza (a bonus in my eyes), the crust was nicely browned, and the salad was fresh and crisp.  The one con… the salad dressing was applied to the salad with a bit of a heavy hand.

This is a tasty pizza with a ton of flavor.  But, a big appetit is needed if you plan on eating more than a slice.  It’s VERY rich and filling.  After two slices, I could have taken a nap.  (And, I was starving prior to the meal.)

Mellow Mushroom Midtown
931 Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30308
404 874 2291

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