The Best Food Court Meal… ever!

Unagi Donburi

Unagi Donburi served with a sweet & spicy pickle and miso soup

It’s hard to believe that these photos illustrate a meal eaten at a food court.  But, they are!  Sushi & Hibachi is a small food court shop set in the back of the Assi Market Food Court.  For $6.99, we were offered Unagi Donburi, a sweet & spicy pickle bowl and miso soup.  Each meal was made to order.  We found a seat.  And, the lovely lady behind the counter called us over when our meal was ready.  Shockingly good food… from a food court!

Sushi & Hibachi @ Assi Market Food Court
1630 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
HOURS:   9:00AM to 9:45PM

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