Bread @ White Windmill Bakery

Buckhead Bread Company and Alon’s are our go-to spots for bread.  But, we were happily surprised by this French style loaf from White Windmill Bakery.  The crust was still crisp when we arrived home.  But, by dinner time it lost its crunch.  Luckily, we were using this loaf as the bread for our grilled hamburgers.  Toasted on the grill, this loaf was great.  The smoke added amazing flavor, while the high heat gave the thin crust the perfect crunch.  The outermost layer of the crust flaked off in thin, delicate sheets with every bite.  We might just use this bread every time we make burgers on the grill.

These were the best home-made burgers of the year. ( …so far)

White Windmill Bakery
5881 Buford Highway
Doraville, Ga 30340
678 887 5200

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  • Kathy

    Best cupcake bakery is in Gwinnett!!! Whimsical Sweets Bake Shop. Only a year old, and this place is fantastic. Everything made fresh every day and it shows!!!! Family owned and the owner, Charlene, always has a smile. Red Velvet cupcake is to die for and the Italian Creme and Chocolate Cheesecake, to name a few favorites. Yum!!!!

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