OB’s Smoky BBQ Spare Ribs

At first glance, the ribs appeared quite dry.  After pulling off the first rib, the smoky crust revealed a tender, moist interior.  The ribs had plenty of smoke and a decent spice rub.  We expected to like these more than we actually did.  Somehow, they just didn’t wow us…

…at all.

Chicken & Rib Combo

The chicken was “fine”.  Yet, something was off with the flavor.

Hush Puppies, Baked Sweet Potato, & Fried Okra

Of the three, the baked sweet potato is the only side dish that deserves a “pretty good”.

Brunswick Stew

This stew was seriously bland and almost flavorless.  The one distinct flavor was that of nearly raw, canned (You know, that unpleasant metallic taste of the can that low quality canned foods have?) tomato.  And, obviously, that’s a flavor that does not appeal to either one of us.  This stew is teetering seriously close to being one of the worst brunswick stews we’ve ever tasted.

Pulled Pork Pizza

Do not order this… ever.  Just don’t do it.  You’ll be sorry.  The pulled pork might be surprisingly tasty.  But, the hockey puck crust is literally inedible.  Somehow, that crust manages to defy the laws of cookery by tasting of raw dough.  Then, you break off a piece of that pure white doughy crust.  It’s HARD-AS-A-ROCK tough and crumbly.   You realize that mysteriously it’s been overcooked.  There must be some form of dark magic at work here.

We really wanted to like this place.  The staff is super friendly and absolutely charming.  There’s a gorgeous fireplace near the front door.  Floor to ceiling wood and chunky wooden beams decorate the ceiling. There’s plenty of old-fashioned country appeal dripping all around this place.  But, this is a restaurant after all.


2 comments to OB’s BBQ

  • chefh

    Why do people still try to pass off frozen (pre-breaded and pre-fried) okra as homemade? Have folks gotten so used to that crap that they are willing to accept it as homemade? It just makes me sad.
    But of course all lazy “cooking” makes me sad. Start with real products and you’ll have something great if you just don’t try to cut corners.

  • michele

    Great question, Helen! And, at the very least, if you intend to sell re-fried from frozen serve it properly reheated. Breaded fries and fried okra are the worst…. closely followed by the wide range of frozen french fries, sweet potato fries… and now the super-obvious sweet potato tater tots.

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