Hotoberfest — Saturday October 4th

This Saturday in Glenwood Park the 1st Annual Hotoberfest will open at 12:00pm and continue through 7:00pm.  The public area opens at 12:00pm and the beer tasting will begin at 1:00pm.  And, to quote Hotoberfest’s website, “…no pets, no trouble, no kidding.”

The public area is open to everyone.  But, the beer tasting areas are limited to those 21 years old & over.

Cost:  Public areas are… as you would imagine… open to the public.  And, a $2 donation for retail beer purchases will be donated to non-profit event affiliates.

          “Beer Garten” tickets are $30 per person (in advance) or $35 on the day of the event — Beer Garten tickets offer one price for sampling any of the 110 beers available in the Beer Garten tents.  The Beer Garten tasting will be from 1pm-6pm

          “VIP Green” tickets are $50 per person (in advance) or $55 on the day of the event — Vip Green tickets offer access to the Beer Garten tents and the VIP Green Tent.  Additional beer tastings of selections not available in the Beer Garten tents are just one of the VIP Green Ticket perks.  Check out the Hotoberfest website for a full list of extras offered with the VIP Green Ticket.


Glenwood Park
916 Glenwood Park Drive
Atlanta, GA 30316

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