Savage Pizza

The Cajun

Spicy red pepper sauce, andouille, shrimp, chicken, green pepper, onions & cheese


White on Red

Thyme-spiced ricotta, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, chèvre, parmesean, and spicy red pepper sauce.  We frequently substitue the spicy red pepper sauce for the tomato sauces.

More yums.

We’re both quite fond of Savage Pizza.  Both, The Cajun and The Mexican pizzas remind us of a particular pizza shop in Florida that holds many memories.  So, for us, a visit to Savage is a bit like a quick trip to South Florida.  Whenever we get a little home sick, they offer us an oasis of happy memories along with their tasty pies.  Pies that aren’t at all traditional.  And, for that, we thank them.

Savage Pizza
484 Moreland Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30307
404 523 0500

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