Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill

Masitas De Puerco

Tender, garlic-y cubes of roast pork are pan fried and served topped with a generous mound of gorgeous caramelized onions.

Congris & Maduros

Both were close to perfection.  And, we both commented that Papi’s congris might just be the best version of the dish that we’ve tasted outside of Miami.

Smoky and rich with all the right flavors, yet, the individual grains of rice were light and fluffy.  They weren’t stuck together in a heavy, clunky mass.  Each little grain was free to balance precariously on our forks.

So good.

This little salad on the side was a pleasant break from all of the crazy rich and delicious food.

Jerk Chicken With Black Beans & Rice, And Maduros

Tender, skinless chicken breast meat was drenched in what we would call a Cuban version of jerk sauce.

Very Tasty.

Marry The Rice & Beans

Don’t forget, there’s extra parking in the rear.

Papi’s Cuban And Caribbean Grill
216 Ponce de Leon Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308
404 607 1525

2 comments to Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill

  • Derrick Deida

    I recently had a visit to the Papis in Lawrenceville and had the Ropa Vieja and my partner he had the Masitas de Puerco….all i could say is that the food was amazing and very delicious! The food was very well seasoned and savory! The Ropa Vieja melts in your mouth and is so tender with savory spices and a hint of sweetness just the way i like it!The masitas de puerco were very tender, moist, savory spiced that made me go into exstacy! The Tostones were crispy and with a perfect taste of tenderness! I also quenched my thirst with two Jugos de mango and after the delicious mango pie we finished it off with a cafe Cubano!
    Whether you are Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Latin American or a local Georgian…I personally believe you will enjoy the experience! Teresa the owner is very sweet and made our visit enjoyable….no matter who you are they make you feel at home!

  • I have been to Cuba a few times and every time I go I have to order Ropa Vieja from El Patio in the Cathedral Square, Havana. If I am ever in GA I know where I am heading! Any chance of a location opening in NY?

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