East Pearl

Fried Dungeness Crab with Crispy Garlic & Pork

This dish was just about perfect.  It was billowing steam as it arrived to the table.  All of the crispy bits were crispy while the crab on the inside remained tender and moist.

Fried Salt & Pepper Shrimp

These shrimp were huge.  In the past we’ve seen much smaller shrimp used in this dish.  But, it’s not all about size.  This was another dish served piping hot, crispy on the outside and moist & tender on the inside.  And, the shrimp had an incredibly rich flavor.  We loved them.

Phoenix Eyes (Or Shrimp & Shark Fin Dumplings)

These were lovely.  The shrimp were tender and full of flavor.  And, the glass noodles had an interesting bite that added texture.

Siu Mai or Shao Mai

Normally, the richness of the pork and dense texture add an air of heaviness to these dumplings.  But, here, the delicate texture of the pork added lightness.  The pork was so tender it nearly melted in our mouths.

Lotus Leaf Rice (or Lo Mai Gai)

Inside the lotus leaf, glutinous rice surrounds a filling of Chinese sausage, mushrooms, water chestnuts and other meaty bits.  We love the fragrance that escapes when you unwrap the package of rice.

Chao Tom

Mild shrimp paste is mounded on one end of a sugar cane stick.  It’s breaded… then deep fried.  Somehow, this is never a favorite of ours.  But, it’s fun to dip into both spicy and sweet sauces.

Gau Choi Gow

These dumplings of shrimp and chives are delicately pan fried… always a favorite.

Gai Mei Bau

Flaky sheets of pastry are wrapped around lightly sweetened coconut filling.  These are a great way to end the meal.  The feathery light layers of pastry melt away to almost nothing as you bite into them.

Haam Sui Gok (or Ham Sui Gok… AKA “The Footballs”)

Someone had to order one more thing…

Even though we were stuffed well beyond capacity.  He loved them.  It’s hard not to love deep fried mochi filled with bites of seasoned pork.  The mildly sweet mochi complements the savory salty porky filling.  ( I was too stuffed to try another bite.)

East Pearl Seafood Restaurant
1810 Liddell Lane
Duluth, GA  30098
678 380 0899

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