Real Po'boys @ Benny's Bar & Grill

The Setting:  Formerly the home of a Mellow Mushroom Pizza, Mike Benny Miller  spruced up the space with inviting colors and a small stage for visiting musicians.

The Staff:  Friendly

The Food:  We’ve visited a number of times with one thing on our minds… an authentic New Orleans po’boy.  And, they’ve delivered beautifully.

Leidenheimer Baking Company bakes and ships the New Orleans French bread used in the making of the two po’boy sandwiches on the menu.  Leidenheimer loaves are quite different from a standard loaf of French bread.  Leidenheimer’s loaves are light, fluffy, dense with bubbles and incredibly delicate.  They also display an attractive and addictively delicious tender-yet- flaky crust.  The delicate nature of this crust crumbles easily under the lightest pressure.  This unique bread  is essential in the making of an authentic po’boy and the teeny tiny network of flakes that make up the crust are easy to identify.

The second ingredient in the perfect po’boy —  deep-fried shrimp or oysters.  The cornmeal crusted shrimp or oysters should be fried to a deep golden brown.  This deep golden brown shell will hold the tender shrimp or moist and creamy oysters.  Benny’s delivers again.  The oysters and shrimp are fried to a perfect dark golden.  And, yet, they are still tender and juicy.

Finally, the bread is brushed with a spicy tobasco-tinted mayo.  And, the oysteres are topped a bit of tomato and just enough lettuce to add crunch.  This is one near-perfect sandwich.

Live Music:  Every Thursday night

Star of the Day:  Authentic shrimp and oyster po’boys without the long drive to New Orleans!  And, chocolate covered key lime pie sticks  for dessert that are perfect for sharing.

Benny’s Bar & Grill
3902 Highway 78
Snellville, GA 30039
678 209 0209

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