El Taco Naco

Taqueria El Taco Naco

Torta Barbacoa

Big chunks of tender, beef mingle with bean, avocado, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa.

Torta List

Jumbo Quesadilla

Served with Beans, Rice, and a Salad on the Side

That’s one generous dose of hearty meat.

Quesadilla List

Three Salsas
(Verde, Avocado, & Chipotle)

Giant Banana Milk Shake For Two

Taken literally, this is one giant shake of milk, bananas and ice.  We’d be tempted to call this a smoothie.  But, we loved every little bit of it.  And, someone who shall remain nameless ate the lion’s share.  (Someone’s very greedy.)

El Taco Naco
2255 Idlewood Road
Tucker, GA 30084
678 879 1671

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