Schakolad — Dark Chocolate Sesame Brittle

Dark Chocolate Sesame Brittle

Do you see that rectangular hunk of dark chocolate sesame brittle in the upper right hand corner?

In a word… genius.  Love, love… LOVE IT!

The combination of dark chocolate, rich caramel and roasty, toasty sesame seeds might just turn out to be dangerously addictive for us.  It’s like a candy bar, but, for grown ups.

This was our Easter indulgence.  And, yes, the sesame brittle took up a small unassuming corner of the box.  But, it was hands down the best thing in the box.  The candied pear dipped in dark chocolate was a distant second.  And, a strawberry truffle was nice.  But, honestly, it’s a struggle to remember it.  If we’re already struggling to remember it, how good could it possibly have been?

Sugar Coated Mint Leaves on Dark Chocolate & More Brittle

We didn’t love the sugared mint leaves on dark chocolate, either.  In our opinion, fresh mint has a strong medicinal, menthol-y essence that really doesn’t work with chocolate.  It was simply too reminiscent of gritty toothpaste dabbed on a dark chocolate dot.

Schakolad Chocolate Factory
1100 Hammond Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
770 730 9770

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  • Thanks for the beautiful pictures and honest review from your first experience with our artisan-crafted chocolates! Since we make everything on-site and are always experimenting with new flavors, we encourage you to make a special request that merges your favorite ingredients and we’ll give it a shot!

    Of course with over 70 types to choose from already, you may want to start with some of them first! Strawberry Cheesecake, Mocha Caramel with Espresso Sea Salt, or our infamous Dark Bark could be a great start to a memorable experience!!

    The owners of Schakolad in Sandy Springs,GA

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