Toasted Coconut & Cake Batter in a Waffle Cup

We love these flavors in theory.  But, in reality they were a bit icy and gritty texture-wise.

Praline in a Waffle Cup

Surprisingly, this ice cream was much creamier and filled with lots of sugary praline bits and pieces.

Chocolate Dipped Twinkies

Kilwin’s LOVES to dip stuff in chocolate.  Twinkies, pretzels of various sizes, rice crispy squares, nutter butters and…


It would be easy to mock chocolate covered Twinkies and the other mass-produced snack food items.  However, we’ve both joked about a return visit.  The primary goal of this visit would be to try that crazy Twinkie calorie bomb.

Two edible, yet, forgettable truffles

Caramel dipped Pretzel Stick

Fresh pecans and soft, chewy caramel made this the sweet of the day.  More please.  And, we’d happily visit again for the dark chocolate covered molasses honeycomb.  Yum.

1280 Atlantic Drive Suite
Atlanta, GA 30363
404 817 7500

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