Wyatt's BBQ

The Setting:  Just down the street from Ann’s Snack Bar, this super-small building with a brick walled oven offers little in the way of space (standing room only).  But, who cares? We’re here for the food. And, we were very happy to dine on picnic tables at the park down the street.

The Staff:  Friendly and helpful

The Food:

Ribs — Great smoke flavor and dished up in a generous serving… While they might not be as tender as some of the flashier (Is there such a thing?  Every bbq joint in town is ultra-casual) BBQ spots, I really love the appeal of traditionally smoked ribs with a simple sauce.  Eating in the park, it reminded me of being invited to the best backyard bbq with all the trimmings.  The down side?  It’s dished up in styrofoam containers.

Collard Greens — Tender greens with rich beefy flavor and heavily dotted with large chunks of smoked meat, they’re spiced up right letting all of the flavors shine independently.

Candied Yams — Sweet, rich, tender chunks of yam are covered in syrup.  They’re rich enough to be a dessert or even carbo-loading meal with a hunk of traditional cornbread.

The Cornbread — Traditional Southern cornbread… this is real cornbread.  Rich, tons of corn flavor, buttery, dense, and a perfectly golden brown shell of a crust make this the epitome of Deep South style cornbread.

Sweet Potato Cobbler — Oh my, Paula Deen would be impressed with the ultra rich dough and the buttah…oh my god the buttah.  We loved it!  Wow, ultra-rich-I-need-a-nap-now… seriously.  This is an indulgence, not every day fare.  Well, maybe if you’re Michael Phelps, it’d be ok.  For the rest of us mortals, this might be an entire day’s caloric intake.  No?  Ok, half a day, at least…  But, still… YUM!  Eat salad for dinner if it’ll make you feel better.

Star of the Day:  Wyatt’s BBQ for lunch on a perfect summer day!  After, a meal like this, dinner is optional.

Wyatt’s Diner (BBQ)
1674 Memorial Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30317
404 371 0311

2 comments to Wyatt's BBQ

  • Sharon Jenkins

    I went to Wyatt’s today for lunch. I ordered Turkey a Wing (Rice), Green Beans, and Candid Yams. Initially, when my ordered was prepared, I kindly indicated that it was too much gravy. The Cashier asked the server to re-fix. I didn’t check it again assuming it would be better. Wrong, it was worst. I had a very small amount of rice and it was floating in gravy. The green beans had been warmed and re-warmed so many times, they were mushy; and the cornbread crumbled apart as I attempted to pinched off pieces. I called back to no avail. Whomever I spoke to said he should have held-up the spoon of gravy and asked me how much. I was a sarcastic comment. No, problem. I definitely will not be BACK–keep loosing customers that’s how you go OUT OF BUSINESS!


    Sharon went to Bar-B-Que place and ordered Turkey Wings….GO FIGURE…..

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