Bonefish Grill

The Setting:  Situated at the rear of The Avenue at Webb Gin near a Barnes & Noble, this restaurant is a pleasantly serene break from the outdoor mall.  Revolving glass door opens to two rooms,one with a bar and several oversized booths and another larger room with tables & chairs.

The Staff:  Friendly and attentive

Cocktails:  With a Martini & Cocktail menu we had to sample a few.  The favorite of the night was the Pomegranate Martini with Fris Vodka, pomegranate juice and mango juice for sweetness.  Topped with three frozen grapes on a skewer, this cocktail is a bit sweet, but, very enjoyable.  The frozen grapes keep the drink icy cold.  I’ve always loved this idea.  Another winner is the Bonefish Martini.  Vodka, champagne, a splash of cranberry juice and a hint of orange make this cocktail the perfect choice when you’re in the mood for something tart.

The Food:  Bonefish grill proves the theory that chain restaurants CAN be good… actually much better than good.  We’ve been fortunate enough to test a couple locations of this particular chain, both here and in Ohio.  Fresh fish and seafood are flown in daily providing reliable quality.  The seafood is predictably fresh, tasty and a bit eclectic in the offerings.  There is a touch of Italian and Asian to spice up the American Grill and seafood formula.  This idea is a perfect fit for a lot of couples like us. Where one person in the twosome enjoys a bit of variety and the other prefers to order the same thing again and again.

In the mood for something with a bit of an Asian flare?  Try the Bang Bang Shrimp starter.  These perfectly fried shrimp are lightly tossed in a rich, delicately spiced cream sauce and topped with finely sliced rings of green onion.  We’ve ordered this particular dish on several occasions.  And, the selling point is the ability of the staff to serve it up each and every time while the fried shrimp are still perfectly crisp. Even though they’re coated in sauce, every crispy bite proves that it was prepared just moments before.  And a bit of whimsy is added by serving this dish with disposable wooden chopsticks.

Bonefish divides the menu into grilled fish, grilled specialties, and sauteed & baked.  The grilled fish offers your choice of sauce to top your grilled fish.  The grilled specialties include steaks, chicken, and a pork chop topped with Fontina & a prosciutto dotted marsala.  And, the sauteed & baked section offers pasta and pan-seared fish.  One of those offerings would be the Imperial Longfin.  A thick filet of tilapia is topped with shrimp, scallop and crabmeat.  Then, sprinkled with buttered crumbs and broiled briefly.   Our fish was perfectly prepared and the side of potato gratin was rich, creamy and buttery.  Another offering in this section includes the Diablo Shrimp Fettuccine.  Spinach fettuccine and shrimp is doused with a creamy garlic sauce with tomatoes, capers, red onions and green chilies.  The chilies add just the right amout of heat and help cut through the rich sauce.

Stars of the Day:  Pomegranate Martini, Bonefish Martini, Bang Bang Shrimp & the Imperial Longfin.

Bonefish Grill
1350 Scenic Hwy. 124, Suite 200
Snellville, Georgia
678 344 8945

For additional locations, check out their

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