Biscoff Spread @ World Market

Biscoff Spread
(AKA Speculoos) 

We’ve known for quite some time that you can buy two bottles of Biscoff Spread on Amazon for about $20 (if you have Amazon Prime).  Our curiosity was piqued.  We’ve seen it in Europe.  There, it’s called Speculoos.  But, we’ve never been motivated enough to shell out $20 bucks for the equivalent of cookie butter.  So, when we found Biscoff Spread at the Buckhead Cost Plus World Market, we decided to buy a couple jars.  It’s definitely tasty.  It tastes just like Delta’s favorite cookie in a buttery suspension.  (Though, butter is not an ingredient.  They use an assortment of vegetable oils.)  And, like the Biscoff ads, it’s yummy on a wedge of apple or as a butter substitute on a toasted bagel.  Still, it is 88 calories per tablespoon.  We’re not exactly sure what else to do with it.  We’ll try it on a peanut butter sandwich, next.  We’re sure it’ll be tasty… a very tasty calorie bomb.

We like it.  But, what exactly do you do with cookie butter?

$4.99 a jar at World Market
(We found our two jars in Atlanta at the Buckhead location of Cost Plus World Market.)

World Market

(If you’re a fan of Speculoos or Biscoff Spread, there’s a crunchy version on Biscoff’s website.)

2 comments to Biscoff Spread @ World Market

  • Sonya

    One of the blogs I follow, the woman scoops it on her pancakes or oatmeal. I have an opened jar of it in my fridge. I don’t do breakfast at home so, I’m not sure what to suggest. Frankly, I find putting spreadable cookies on a bagel or cookies to be overkill. I suppose just eat it straight? Also, I can’t get over the oily feel it leaves behind.

  • michele

    Hi Sonya,
    I totally agree… it’s super rich… bordering on too rich if you use more than a little scoop of it. At least when I eat peanut butter, I can kid myself into thinking the protein makes it an acceptable treat. With this, it’s pure indulgence. The creamy peanut buttery texture of it is interesting to me, though. We dipped some pretzels into the Biscoff last night… that was yummy. The big salt crystals were a nice contrast to all that sweetness.

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