Chateau De Saigon

Green Papaya Salad With Shrimp, Pork, And Shrimp Crackers

Grilled Pork Rolls With Peanut Sauce

Grilled Pork & Crispy Roll With Lettuce & Mint

Fried Tapioca Shrimp

Crispy… Yet, Light & Delicate

Lemongrass Beef Wrapped In Wild Betel Leaf

Mango, Apple, Mint, Basil, Seasonal Herbs & Lettuce

Vermicelli, Rice Paper Rounds & Hot Water For Soaking

The First Rice Paper Roll Of The Night

Fresh Mango & Cucumber Add A Bright Touch

Crispy Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

Burnt Rice With Pork

The Clay Pot Of Pork

Blueberry/Coconut & Avocado Smoothies

Chateau De Saigon
4300 Buford Highway NE
Suite 218
Atlanta, GA 30345
404 929 0034

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