Mizumi Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen At Mizumi Ramen

Delicious, again.

Thick, creamy and dense with all of the goodness that comes from an intensely concentrated bone broth.

We were both mesmerized by the deeply rich, complex flavors of pork underlined by that luxuriously rich, buttery fat that allowed the taste memory to linger.

Spicy Ramen

This was equally delicious, again.

There’s just so much to love.

But, the pork…


Delicate charring at the edges, super rich and meltingly tender, this pork was nothing short of divine.

Every bite remains a vividly happy memory.

Mizumi Ramen
1611 Satellite Blvd
Suite 11
Duluth, GA  30097
678 682 3400

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