Swallow at the Hollow

Ribs, Mac N Cheese, Brunswick Stew & Griddled Biscuit

There’s a lot to love at The Swallow at the Hollow.  Set down a quiet side street with a gravel path leading to make-shift parking under the trees, we feel like we’re visiting friendly neighbors.  A mountain of chopped wood decorates the front of the cabin and a row of garden boxes invite you in.  The porch is calling our name.  Without a doubt, it’s the most adorable BBQ restaurant in the city.  And, the staff is so welcoming you feel like family before you sit down.  We’ve visited Swallow at the Hollow more than a few times and the staff is always super friendly.

The food oozes equal charm.  Perfect biscuits are griddled with butter, giving each biscuit half just the right amount of butter.  Only a drizzle of honey is needed over each warm half, and I’m in biscuit heaven.  Macaroni and cheese is super smooth and creamy… homey in a very, very good way.  And, tangy Brunswick stew wakes up your taste buds.  Then, gargantuan slabs of baby back ribs taunt you.  You’ll never finish.  You won’t even come close.  (I was starving and only managed 2 small ribs off the end.  There were leftovers for days.)  Both of our racks of ribs dangled over each side of the plates.  They aren’t kidding when they say a “full” rack of ribs.

Ribs, Mac N Cheese, Potato Salad & Cabin Bread

Mmm… cabin bread.  Freshly baked and lightly griddled with a teeny tiny bit of butter, it’s really yummy.  Yeah, there were more than a few carbs consumed at this meal.  And, we’ll do it again.  The biscuits and cabin bread are worth every calorie.  The ribs are were moist, tasty and melt-in-your-mouth tender.  We disagree slightly on the bbq sauce.  One of us doesn’t love it.  (It’s a bit too vinegary and tomato-y.  It needs some more spice.)  The other thinks it’s “pretty good”.  We both like the mustard sauce for the pork and turkey.

Hmm… where did these come from?

Corn muffins straight out of the oven, courtesy of that superb staff, maybe?  Perfect with butter and honey, we LOVE them!  These muffins define southern style cornbread… err muffins.

We’re not huge country music fans.  (Or, to be completely honest, we’re not country music fans at all.)  So, we’ve never seen a show.  But, if you are a fan, you’re bound to like one of the top notch performers that visit this charming venue.  Check out their website for a list of upcoming performances.

The Swallow at the Hollow
1072 Green Street
Roswell, GA 30075
678 352 1975

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