Guilty Pleasure: Bojangles — Sweet Potato Pie

Ridiculously buttery and flaky, these will never fall in the healthy foods category.  But, for an occasional bite, Bojangles’ sweet potato pies are an indulgent fast food treat.

Heavily doused with a sugar cinnamon glaze, the contrast of salty pie crust against this super sweet glaze… YUM!


4 comments to Guilty Pleasure: Bojangles — Sweet Potato Pie

  • gojira

    i find them to be too salty & the filling rather bland.

  • scrapbk4fun

    I think they are heavenly!

  • bellasmom

    Absolutely WONDERFUL! I could eat these all day long!

  • NCAL


    But,…the sweet potato pies at Bojangles restaurants are simply decadent! The crust is what makes them so delicious. It is a buttery soft crust, not a crunchy hard mess like that at other restaurants (I don’t even buy pies at fast food restaurants because of the hard crunchy crust but decided to take a chance and try the one at Bojangles). And the filling…Oh Lord it is divine, sweet with just the right amount of spices. I tried one for the first time yesterday in Northport, AL and bought two more to take home because there isn’t a Bojangles restaurant within about 100 miles of my home! But this is a good thing because I would eat too many. Try one and you will be quite pleased.

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