Harold's BBQ — Our first and last visit

I must confess… I’m not a fan of the Cracklin’ Cornbread.  Gummy bits of cracklin’ clinging to my teeth is a bit of a turn off for me.  The flavor payoff required for me to fight the unpleasant texture was just not there.  The addition of fried pork rind to an already fat-rich cornbread resulted in an excessively greasy bread with a lingering off taste imparted by the twice-cooked pork skins.

These ribs were fine, but, ultimately forgettable.  The sweet bbq sauce tasted of ketchup and little else.  The sauce is improved by the addition of tabasco dispensed from a red plastic bottle that at first glance we thought was another bottle of ketchup on the table.

The quality of the bbq ribs varied significantly from one order to the next.  Note the ribs in the rear of the photo above, they are extremely dark and overcooked.  When compared with the other order of ribs, they are almost unrecognizable.  They appear to be leftover scraps.  The pork was fine.  But, the beef was extremely dry.  Also, we’re not fans of the meat-chopped-to-teeny-tiny-shreds.

The brunswick stew was rich with canned creamed corn… and not in a good way.  The whole stew appeared to have been given a go-round in a food processor.  The texture was similar to a coarse baby food…  sadly, reminiscent of bad grade school cafeteria food.

Verdict:  I can’t imagine stomaching a second visit.

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