Smoked Duck @ Rolling Bones

The Setting:  A smallish glass-walled converted gas station creates the indoor seating space.  A covered patio with plenty of faux-vintage aluminum chairs & tables fill the superior outdoor seating area.  Though, on at least one occasion, we were asked if we wanted to contribute to a gentleman’s livelihood…. or maybe give him our food… you know…if we weren’t using it or anything.

The Staff: Very friendly

The Food:  We weren’t big fans of Rolling Bones’ original menu.  But, this first visit to taste the new offerings might convert us.  That is a qualified might.

Smoked Duck Breast/Wing — The gangly wing is a bit unsightly, but, the smoky, crisp & golden brown skin had us nibbling away.  The breast was perfection… smoky, juicy, tender, rich, meaty duck.  Now, the reason for qualifiers?  We were told that we got there at the perfect time.  The duck was fresh out of the smoker.  (Less fortunate timing may or may not effect future experiences.  We can not speak to consistency given our lucky timing.)

Trout — The trout is grilled to order.  So, not alot of smoke flavor.  But, the delicate spice, perfect drizzle of lemon, and near-perfect grilling time lent to one beautifully cooked trout fillet.

Chicken — Sadly, this was the one real failure.  The chicken was quite overdone resulting in a tough and unbearably dry chicken breast.  The thigh/leg was slightly better.

The Sauce — We opted for spicy sauce.  It was fine, but, neither one of us found it enjoyable or memorable.  It was too ketchup-y for our taste.

Verdict — Smoked Duck… Yum!  Grilled Trout… tasty!  But, next time?  It’s a mystery.

Rolling Bones BBQ
377 Edgewood
Atlanta, GA 30312

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