Crimson Raisins @ Fresh Market

Jumbo Crimson Raisins

The color of each individual raisin ranges from deep gold to to bright pink to a purply red.

$4.99 a pound

Now, we’d be the first to tell you… we’re not big raisin fans.  As a matter of fact, the baker in the family is notoriously guilty of a very serious crime.  She unapologetically substitutes coconut in lieu of raisins in her oatmeal cookies.  But, these raisins were GOOD.  They’re like dried fruit candy.  Simultaneously sweet and tart with a nice chewy bite, we’ll happily go out of our way to look for these in the future.  And, by in the future, we do mean as soon as this batch disappears.

New favorite snack….seriously!

The Fresh Market

2 comments to Crimson Raisins @ Fresh Market

  • Helen

    Was there sugar added to these raisins or were they just the dried fruit with enough sulphur compounds to set the color? They look fantastic!

  • michele

    Hi Helen,
    The ingredients label lists: raisins, sunflower oil and SO2 as a preservative.
    Between the two of us we’ve eaten half a pound in 5 days. We just can’t stop eating them. They’re so fat, plump, and chewy with this great sweet-tart appeal. They really are awesome. Pretty soon, we’ll be fighting over them …Or, I might just hide the box in the pantry.

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