What Not To Eat

Fried Honey Chicken on Brown Rice

Normally, we pride ourselves on our ability to focus on the positive.  We’re two “glass half full” types.  (most of the time)  Why focus on the negative when there is so much good food to be eaten?  Well, this meal was so ridiculously bad that we never want to forget it… or accidently order it again.  Ever.

This “lunch” was approximately $9.  We received 6 small nuggets of chicken coated in excessively heavy breading… and a bowl of flavorless brown rice.  There was no sauce for this unseasoned rice… and, not so much as a single floret of broccoli or sprig of parsley to garnish the plate.

Where did we stumble upon this remarkably bad meal?  Well, the restaurant’s name starts with a P. & an F.

2 comments to What Not To Eat

  • Helen

    I would certainly send that picture to the PF.com people with a note that lets them know that you are NOT happy. I would also send it to the manager. That is ridiculous.

  • michele

    Hi Helen,
    You’re right. We probably should have said something. But, after a bite or two, he didn’t want more anyway. 😉

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